It is difficult to find hotel accommodation in the city center during summer. For this reason we have made pre-reservation in several hotels located in the historic center of the town and close to the conference venue (see map).

Please make a reservation by sending an e-mail or a fax directly to the hotel.
Please mention "H1 collaboration" in the inquiry.
Pre-reservation is valid only if the reservation is made before deadline mentioned in the table below.

List of hotels:

Hotel rate single/double
Jagiellonian University Guest House* rooms still available...
270 zl / 380 zl
Alexander   8.08.2011
290 zl / 380 zl
Fortuna   1.08.2011
255 zl / 350 zl
Royal   1.09.2011
189 zl / ---- zl
Ibis   1.08.2011
282 zl (without breakfast)/ ---- zl

* Bursa Pigonia located in the courtyard behind the building #7
1 € = ~4 zl